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Recoleta Gouda Art Gallery

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Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us.

Recoleta Gouda Art Gallery was born in 1997, with the purpose of promoting Mexican and foreign artists. Emerging as a subsidiary of Gouda Art Gallery, originally from Gouda, the Netherlands, Holland.

Our academic preparation and work experience in the production of graphic work and commercialization of original work, together with the experience of having lived five years in the Netherlands and disseminating there the work of Mexican Painters, has motivated us to start this business successfully, and to grow day by day with the confidence of our clients, the loyalty and the unconditional support of our artists.

Our motto has always been, "Bring art to the people", so we have participated in several art fairs and, over the years, we have organized exhibitions throughout the Mexican Republic, both in shopping centers (Plaza Cuicuilco, Polanco, Loreto, Santa Fe, etc.) as in sports clubs and golf clubs (Vallescondido, State of Mexico, Tabachines, Cuernavaca, Avandaro, Valle de Bravo, Malinalco, State of Mexico, Campestre de Puebla, Puebla; Bellavista, State of Mexico, Los Encinos, Toluca, San Gil, Querétaro) as well as in our facilities in the Interlomas Mall in the State of Mexico where we have exhibited together with other galleries and the mall as the "Art Route" event that has been carried out since 2002. As well as individual events of the gallery, exhibitions that have allowed us to approach the general public, allowing them to appreciate pictorial and sculptural works of art exhibited inside the gallery and throughout the entire shopping center.



Asturian Exhibition

The exhibition of the master Israel Vazquez in the Asturian center was a success. His narrative and colorful reflected the rainy afternoons in polanco.

José Luis Cuevas

Today Mexico recognizes the work and career of one of the greatest Mexican artists of the twentieth and twenty-first century, and it must be said, a fully Mexican and at the same time universal artist, José Luis Cuevas, said the President of Mexico yesterday at the inaugural act of the exhibition tribute to the artist, in the Palace of Fine Arts.

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