Jose Luis Cuevas

Artist daring, risky, brave, critical, "an exceptional cartoonist"; generous man, enamored, "a tenacious fighter, very stubborn and practically obsessive". The controversy has marked the life of the painter José Luis Cuevas.

The early international recognition of his work -in 1960, a critic of The New York Timeslo described him as "one of the great cartoonists of the world, only comparable to Pablo Picasso" - makes Cuevas a terrible elephant of Mexican art.

The National Prize of Sciences and Arts in Fine Arts 1981, in addition to being a master in drawing and painting, had a good prose, which he reflected in his books and his column Cuevario, which he consolidated in Excelsior.


He has been the most renowned, most daring, most risky artist, not only in terms of his way of drawing, of engraving, of making sculpture, but also of his actions, his courage, the aggression with which he assumed himself critical of a paradigm that was agonizing, it makes it memorable.

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