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Fulgencio Lazo

Lazo is known mainly as a painter, for his university education and under the tutelage of master Shinzaburo Takeda, as an engraver.


This is proved by his diploma and, furthermore, his subsequent studies at the Cornish College of the Arts, in Seattle, Washington, also focused on perfecting the engraving technique.
It can be said, therefore, that his step from printmaking to painting, in the early 1990s, was largely a self-teaching action.
Curiosity and imagination have now led Lazo to take another step on the path of experimentation to explore the world of sculpture.
Better said, to explore the intersections between engraving, sculpture and painting.
Because the architecture of these works is based on the simultaneous application of the three techniques.


Through his painting, he proposes that the peoples of the sierra should become aware of the importance of conserving their traditions and of feeling pride in their customs and traditions, as well as combining an aura of mystery and dreaming in which the present and the past coexist in astonishing harmony, the ancestral memory, tradition and modernity.

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