Fernando M. Díaz

Fernando M. Díaz is a plastic artist who has worked, lived and exhibited his work in different countries such as Italy (Florence, Ferrrara and Latina), Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), Austria (Graz), Russia (Moscow), Romania (Bucharest , Sibiu and Faget), Bulgaria (Sofia), United States (Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Memphis, Jackson, El Paso, Santa Fe, Portsmouth, etc.), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Ecuador (Cuenca), Argentina (Buenos Aires and Venado Tuerto), among others. Since 2009 he lives and works in San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico. He has more than 30 individual exhibitions, half of them in museums, and has participated in more than 100 collective exhibitions around the world.

He has been awarded numerous awards and prizes, including his work being selected to be printed on a ticket from the National Lottery for Public Assistance, in Mexico City, on March 6, 2013; was named "Distinguished Guest" by the City Council of Acaponeta, Nayarit, Mexico in 2012; the "Recognition of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States" in 1999; the "Recognition of Merit" in Ferrara, Italy in 1999, granted by the President of Italy; the Recognition of his plastic work granted by the LVII Legislature of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico in 1998; The Gold Medal "Lorenzo the Magnificent" at the Biennial of Florence, Italy in 1997, among many others.


His work belongs to permanent collections such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago; the Municipal Gallery of Faget, Romania; the Museum of Modern Art of Cuenca, Ecuador; the "José Luis Cuevas" Museum in Mexico City, the "Vladimir Cora House Museum" in Nayarit, Mexico, as well as being exhibited at the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City; the Art Museum of El Paso, Texas; Irecson Institute of Bucharest, Romania; the Museum of Mexico City; and the Museum of Fine Arts of Chihuahua, as well as other spaces.

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