Alejandro von Zeschau

Argentine, naturalized Mexican in 2002.

His inclination for art is appreciated from his childhood, in his paper cuttings or modeling with putty. With time, he strengthens his drawing more and more, but he does not study any career close to art, until arriving at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in the city of Buenos Aires in the graphic design career. There he strengthens as an illustrator, going through the advertising agency Producciones Norte, as manager of the art department.


He emigrated to Brazil in 1990, truncating the design career he studied in Buenos Aires, in search of the development of his true vocation, art. He establishes in the city of Salvador, Baha, working on watercolors that reflect the Afro-Brazilian traditions of the place, beginning to forge the character that will later turn him into a plastic artist.


I identify my work within the current of abstract expressionism, although I take as a starting point the minimalist current that I deconstruct towards a conscious reality of the spiritual being. I seek to reverse the gaps in order to communicate to the viewer a universe from my work.
I enjoy immensely experimenting constantly with new materials, techniques and disciplines every day, recurrently returning to the aqueous media with the acquired riches. Always the base is the thousands of glazes of water and color to reach the point of considering the work unrepeatable.
I think it's a gift, a blessing, a great company that I can not inherit but I hope to enjoy and give the time I have on this earth.

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